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hsWest Islip High School

One Lions Path West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 504-5800   FAX (631) 893-3270

Dr. Anthony Bridgeman, Principal  


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Dr. Anthony Bridgeman, Principal
Principal's Secretary: Vickie Passarelli

Mr. Craig Gielarowski, Assistant Principal
Secretary: Tana Patti

Ms. Kristin Kelly, Assistant Principal
Secretary:  Marianne Gariglio

Ms. Lynn Summers, Assistant Principal
Secretary: Pam Riker

Sharon Kerrigan, School Nurse (631) 504-5827
Lee-Ann Puccia, School Nurse (631) 504-5826

PTSA President:  Julia Johnson


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Important Phone Numbers

Attendance (631) 504-5820

Counseling Office (631) 504-5830

Nurse's Office  (631) 504-5825 / FAX (631) 321-0820

Alternative School: (631) 504-5851

Current News

Seeking Cell Size in AP Bio Class

Seeking cell size in West Islip’s AP Bio class thumbnail178596
High school students in Christine Mulroy’s AP Biology class recently worked to predict the effect that cell size will have on amount and rate of diffusion. Phenolphthalein was used as an indicator, turning white as vinegar diffuses into agar cubes.



Senior Lindsey Pritchard Sings at County Legislature Meeting

Pritchard thumbnail178203
High school senior and chorus member Lindsey Pritchard was recently featured as a soloist at the Suffolk County Legislature meeting.  Pritchard, a two-time All-State musician, opened the meeting with a stirring rendition of the national anthem.  

Testing Water Quality at Willetts Creek

Testing water quality at West Islip’s Willetts Creek thumbnail178054
Testing water quality at West Islip’s Willetts Creek thumbnail178055
Testing water quality at West Islip’s Willetts Creek thumbnail178056
High school students – including research and AP Environmental Science classes as well as members of the Science National Honor Society and Students Acting for the Environment Club – recently visited Willetts Creek for stewardship projects in cleaning up garbage as well as water and soil quality testing. The APE students, guided by science teacher Kelly Sepe, tested for dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, pH, salinity, temperature, turbidity, total dissolved solids, phosphorus, nitrates and the presence of coliform bacteria, then analyzed the results and answered discussion questions based on their experiences.

Sinking Battleships in Chemistry Class

Sinking battleships in chemistry class at West Islip thumbnail177995
Sinking battleships in chemistry class at West Islip thumbnail177996
Sinking battleships in chemistry class at West Islip thumbnail177997

Chemistry students in Kathleen Scrivani’s class at the high school recently sunk each other’s battleships, from six feet away. This socially distanced game of Electron Configuration Battleship, played on a periodic table board, uses principal energy levels, orbital notation and noble gases to guess what element an opponent’s ship is on.

“I have done this for a few years now and it is a great way for the students to become more comfortable with and review different methods of writing electron configurations,” Scrivani said. “It’s engaging, the students are invested in the game and in order to play, they are forced to practice their skills and ask questions about content they may still be struggling with. Students must peer evaluate as well. If their partner misstates an electron configuration, they must make the correction before the game moves forward. And for students who seem to have mastered the content already, practice makes better.”

Biotech Workshop Prepares West Islip Teachers for Enriched Curriculum

 Biotech workshop prepares West Islip teachers for enriched curriculum thumbnail177709

In an effort to enrich the learning process for all students, the district has realigned its science curriculum, with all eighth-grade students currently taking high school level biology in heterogeneous classes.

“We are enriching for all – similar to what honors students would be exposed to, but even on a greater level – to immerse students with skills they will need for upper level science courses and STEM-related jobs,” said Debbie Langone, the district’s director of science and engineering technology.

As part of this initiative, all biology teachers in the district, along with a special education support teacher, participated on Nov. 3 in a biotechnology workshop covering the basics of gel electrophoresis, which students will explore this year in molecular biology units. Lab skills presented at the workshop were comparable to college- or graduate-level work in a biotechnology lab setting, with teachers running “practice gels.” Once proficient with the apparatus, they then conducted a simulated COVID-19 test to determine which "patients" were positive by comparing patient DNA samples to a known marker.