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West Islip High School

1 Lions Path West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 504-5800   FAX (631) 893-3270

Dr. Anthony Bridgeman, Principal

ib logo Dr. Anthony Bridgeman, Principal
Principal's Secretary: Vickie Passarelli

Mr. Craig Gielarowski, Assistant Principal
Secretary: Tana Patti

Ms. Lynn Summers, Assistant Principal
Secretary: Pam Riker

Mr. Louis Stellato, Interim Assistant Principal
Secretary: Marianne Gariglio

Kim Caroselli, PTSA President


School Hours: 7:20aam - 2:10 pm
Grades 9-12

Important Phone Numbers

  • Attendance: (631) 504-5820
  • Counseling Office: (631) 504-5830
  • Nurse's Office
    Phone: (631) 504-5825
    Fax: (631) 321-0820
  • Anna Harris - (631) 504-5826
  • Sharon Kerrigan - (631) 504-5827
  • Alternative School: (631) 504-5851

Current News

Entrepreneurs Tested at Lion’s Den Marketing Challenge

Entrepreneurs Tested at Lion’s Den Marketing Challenge
Entrepreneurs Tested at Lion’s Den Marketing Challenge 2

The high school’s Future Business Leaders of America hosted its third annual Lion’s Den Marketing Challenge, a marketing competition challenging the school’s business education students to invent a product or service and present it in front of mock “investors”, aiming to strike a deal. During the event, the investors tested the young entrepreneurs by asking challenging questions about their product or service, which were answered in a professional and businesslike manner while keeping in mind the four Ps of marketing: product, place, promotion and price.

This year’s winning FBLA team of Julianna Budriss, Anthony Cairo, Patrick Sullivan and Aidan Kelly created the product Health-O-Meter, an innovative tool for calculating a food’s ingredients and nutritional value.

Esposito Spends Summer of Science at Brookhaven

Esposito Spends Summer of Science at Brookhaven
Esposito Spends Summer of Science at Brookhaven 2

High school science research student Madison Esposito is spending her summer at Brookhaven National Laboratory, conducting experiments at the National Synchrotron Light Source II, one of the world’s most advanced synchrotron light sources supporting basic and applied research in energy security, advanced materials synthesis and manufacturing, environment and human health.

Last year, Esposito developed a method to collect and identify micrometeorites collected in buckets on the high school roof. She then teamed up with students from other local high schools to write a proposal for conducting their investigation at the NSLS-II, which successfully competed against proposals from researchers from around the world who seek to use the resources of the NSLS-II to conduct experiments.

Esposito is currently investigating the mineral components of the collected micrometeorites at the X-Ray Powder Diffraction beamline. She is also using Tender Energy X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy to determine the speciation of elements such as sulfur and phosphorus in the micrometeorites. After analyzing the data she has collected, she and her partner will prepare a paper to submit for publication.

Calculating Capacity at the High School

Students testing their calculations

James Grover’s freshman and sophomore geometry students used their knowledge of three-dimensional figures, volume, and unit conversions to measure the capacity of various real-life objects.

Students worked in groups to measure necessary dimensions and calculate volumes with the appropriate formulas, then tested their calculations by pouring in water, proving to be incredibly accurate in their precise calculations.  

WIHS Students 'Won’t Stand For' Intolerance

High School Students ‘Won’t Stand For’ Intolerance
High School Students ‘Won’t Stand For’ Intolerance
High School Students ‘Won’t Stand For’ Intolerance

With the support of teachers and administrators, high school students recently raised their collective voices to say, “I Won’t Stand For,” engaging in activities and messaging to combat prejudice and intolerance while promoting understanding and acceptance. 

The students added words like “Hate,” “Bigotry,” “Bullying,” “Religious Intolerance,” “Gun Violence” and “Sexual Harassment” to T-shirts pre-printed with the statement “I Won’t Stand For…” In addition to the creation of the T-shirts, the students identified their issues and signed their names on a banner displayed in the high school, showing their commitment to ideals that will support a better world. 

“The impact of the school shootings, flashes of bigotry and the general erosion of the moral compass of our country has created an environment for our students that has motivated them to speak to a need to clarify what is right and wrong,” said teacher Ronald Weber. “The ‘I Won’t Stand For’ activities were about sending the message that each of us, whoever we are, wherever we live, can do something to fight intolerance and hate.” 

Vartanian Earns Scholarship to Usdan Art Camp

Vartanian Earns Scholarship to Usdan Art Camp photo
High school freshman Karina Vartanian was recently awarded a semifinalist scholarship for the Usdan Summer Camp for the Arts in Wheatley Heights. 

The annual camp, focused on creative and performing arts including art, chess, dance, language arts, music and theater, is now celebrating its 50th year.