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Driver Education

Coordinator, Patricia Morgigno

Registration Coordinator, Dorothy Rabin

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Please note: Due to the limited number of available space, students are selected for the program in birth order (January-December), except for those enrolled in a work-study program. Please be aware that each student must have a current New York State Learner's Permit or Junior License in order to register for the course.

The New York State Education Department Guidelines for Driver and Traffic Safety Education require a minimum of 24 hours of classroom instruction (lecture) and 24 hours of laboratory (in-car) instruction. Students must complete all 48 hours of the program in order to receive a “Student Certificate of Completion (MV-285).

Please be aware that due to time constraints, ABSENCES ARE NOT PERMITTED.
Please review the scheduled dates for both the classroom lecture and laboratory instruction to be certain that your child will be available to attend ALL scheduled sessions. If you require a particular time/day due to a schedule conflict, please note this on the application. We will attempt to accommodate all requests.