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Udall Road Middle School

900 Udall Road, West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 930-1650  FAX (631) 893-3301

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Dr. Daniel Marquardt,  Principal

Ms. Lauren Lay, Assistant Principal

Principal's Secretary:  Lois VanMeurs
Assistant Principal's Secretary: Donna Cama

Nurse:  Suzanne O'Connor (631) 930-1670
FAX (63) 669-0329 

PTA President:  Sam Riley

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Current News

Udall Sixth Graders Take Virtual Space Tour

Udall sixth graders take virtual space tour thumbnail178635
Udall sixth graders take virtual space tour thumbnail178636

Udall students in Janet Renganeschi’s science class recently participated in a virtual reality lesson on the atmosphere using Google Expeditions, an immersive education app that allows teachers and students to explore the world through over 1,000 virtual reality tours. Renganeschi and library media specialist Denise Lamattina brought the sixth graders into outer space on board a weather balloon so that the students could identify the layers of the atmosphere and determine how temperature affects what occurs in each.

“By helping students visualize information in a new way, you can positively impact their ability to retain information,” said Renganeschi.  

Demonstrating Kindness at Udall

Demonstrating Kindness at Udall thumbnail178540
Students in Tricia Mileti’s health class at Udall recently celebrated Kindness Day by writing kind statements and quotes on sticky notes.

Biotech Workshop Prepares West Islip Teachers for Enriched Curriculum

 Biotech workshop prepares West Islip teachers for enriched curriculum thumbnail177709

In an effort to enrich the learning process for all students, the district has realigned its science curriculum, with all eighth-grade students currently taking high school level biology in heterogeneous classes.

“We are enriching for all – similar to what honors students would be exposed to, but even on a greater level – to immerse students with skills they will need for upper level science courses and STEM-related jobs,” said Debbie Langone, the district’s director of science and engineering technology.

As part of this initiative, all biology teachers in the district, along with a special education support teacher, participated on Nov. 3 in a biotechnology workshop covering the basics of gel electrophoresis, which students will explore this year in molecular biology units. Lab skills presented at the workshop were comparable to college- or graduate-level work in a biotechnology lab setting, with teachers running “practice gels.” Once proficient with the apparatus, they then conducted a simulated COVID-19 test to determine which "patients" were positive by comparing patient DNA samples to a known marker.  


West Islip Families Participate in Fourth Color Fun Event

 West Islip families participate in fourth Color Fun event thumbnail177402

The West Islip Health and Wellness Alliance held the fourth annual Color Fun event on Oct. 18. This year, in light of social distancing, families conducted their own Color Fun celebration in and around their neighborhoods, selecting various accessories including T-shirts, color dyes and colored glasses to enhance the experience.

“The Health and Wellness Alliance continues to strive to provide students with meaningful events which foster and build connections between family members around healthy activities,” said Tim Horan, the district’s director of health, physical education, athletics and recreation.



Udall Seventh Graders Learn to Use Sources for Native American Project

Udall seventh graders learn to use sources for Native American project thumbnail177206

Seventh graders in Deborah Pulitano’s social studies class at Udall recently worked on the annual Native American project, researching a specific piece of Native American culture such as religion, food, hunting, traditions or clothing. The students then were asked to write an essay and create a Google slideshow to present their findings.

Udall’s library media specialist, Denise Lamattina, joined the class to introduce students to the importance of using quality sources, discuss the use of citations and illustrate how easy citing sources is using Noodletools.