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Staff Directory

Paul J. Bellew Elementary School

25 Higbie Lane, West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 504-5680 FAX (631) 893-3346








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Mrs. Rhonda Pratt, Principal

Principal's Secretaries: Michelle Grover / Cathleen McQuade
Nurse:  Angelica Ruden
Phone: (631) 504-5687 

PTA President:  Donna McGrath

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Current News

Decorating a Unity Tree at Bellew

Decorating a Unity Tree at Bellew thumbnail177649
To celebrate Red Ribbon Week, Bellew teamed up with the school’s Parent Teacher Association to hold themed celebrations each day. For Unity Day on Oct. 21, the entire school community was invited to wear orange for the day to stand up to bullying and show support for diversity, tolerance and kindness. Classes took turns decorating a Unity Tree in the hallway using paper leaves



Fifth Graders Hone Their Map Skills at Bellew

 Fifth Graders Hone Their Map Skills at Bellew thumbnail177467
 Fifth Graders Hone Their Map Skills at Bellew thumbnail177468
 Fifth Graders Hone Their Map Skills at Bellew thumbnail177469
Fifth graders at Bellew have been honing their map skills, including reviewing the location of the continents and oceans and learning how to navigate longitude and latitude on various maps. In a culminating activity, the students used what they had learned to create a map of a fictitious island, adding features such as a compass rose, scale, and lines of latitude and longitude.


West Islip Families Participate in Fourth Color Fun Event

 West Islip families participate in fourth Color Fun event thumbnail177402

The West Islip Health and Wellness Alliance held the fourth annual Color Fun event on Oct. 18. This year, in light of social distancing, families conducted their own Color Fun celebration in and around their neighborhoods, selecting various accessories including T-shirts, color dyes and colored glasses to enhance the experience.

“The Health and Wellness Alliance continues to strive to provide students with meaningful events which foster and build connections between family members around healthy activities,” said Tim Horan, the district’s director of health, physical education, athletics and recreation.



Bellew Kindergartners Delve Into Author Study

Bellew Kindergartners Delve Into Author Study thumbnail177336

Kindergartners at Bellew recently explored a series of picture books by author David Shannon, best known for writing stories about the mischievous character David. The books “No, David!” and “David Goes to School” helped students discuss classroom rules and procedures, while “Too Many Toys” kicked off a writing workshop unit.

“Author studies are great because they help students compare and contrast themes, make connections, bond with an author, and spark students’ lifelong interest in reading,” said teacher Melanie Solnick.

Bellew Students Focus on Cardiorespiratory Fitness

Bellew Students Focus on Cardiorespiratory Fitness  thumbnail177198
In outdoor lessons in the fresh air, Thomas Powers’ physical education classes at Bellew have focused on the importance of health and wellness, emphasizing aerobic activities and cardiorespiratory fitness. The students recently learned about the jobs of the heart and the lungs as well as target heart rates and how to take their own pulse.