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Staff Directory

Paul J. Bellew Elementary School

25 Higbie Lane, West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 504-5680 FAX (631) 893-3346








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Mrs. Rhonda Pratt, Principal

Principal's Secretaries: Michelle Grover / Cathleen McQuade
Nurse:  Angelica Ruden
Phone: (631) 504-5687 

PTA President:  Donna McGrath

Current News

P.S. I Love You Promotes Kindness Across West Islip’s Schools

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PS I LOve you thumbnail181266

Across the district, students and staff celebrated P.S. I Love You Day on Feb. 12 with kindness, unity and inclusivity. The day’s activities ranged from a door decorating contest at the high school to chalk art in front of Beach Street, while at Manetuck , fifth graders posted inspiring messages to promote awareness. Also at Manetuck, physical education teachers Edward Pieron and Beth Sherwood created a P.S. I Love You Day “brain break” video featuring students, which highlighted the importance of attending to physical and mental health.

Bellew Students Celebrate New Year With “Ring and Run”

Bellew Students Celebrate New Year With “Ring and Run” thumbnail180219

On Jan. 15, students and staff at Bellew rang in the new year with a “Ring and Run” event, supported by the school’s Character Education Committee. The students ran a lap around the school’s track while using hand-held noise makers.

“Our kids put forth a lot of effort to demonstrate their commitment to learning in 2021,” said Principal Rhonda Pratt. “Teaching our children to set priorities and spend time on things that are most important is key.  The new year has given us all a fresh start, a new beginning and the opportunity for health, wellness and peace.”

Kindergartners Go “Book Shopping” at Bellew

Kindergartners Go “Book Shopping” at Bellew thumbnail180021
Kindergartners Go “Book Shopping” at Bellew thumbnail180022
Kindergartners Go “Book Shopping” at Bellew thumbnail180023
Kindergartners at Bellew have been practicing their reading skills during reader’s workshops, using pictures to help them decode words and understand stories. The students have been choosing new books weekly and enjoying the variety of books in their book baggies. This “book shopping” has allowed them to explore new topics and find new genres they enjoy.

Investigating the Best Beaks at Bellew

Investigating the best beaks at Bellew thumbnail179881
First graders at Bellew recently investigated the science of animal adaptation and why birds have beaks. After learning about different types of beaks, and watching a video showing birds eating in their natural habitats, the students tested which was the best beak for eating by picking up different types of “bird food” with straw tweezers. They discovered that a long, thin hummingbird-shaped beak could only extract food from a liquid, such as nectar. A duck, which has a wide, flat beak, can easily eat seeds, rocks and fish.  

A “Smart” Talk at Bellew with Police Officer Sabrina Pitch

A “Smart” Talk at Bellew with Police Officer Sabrina Pitch thumbnail179830

Suffolk County police officer Sabrina Pitch recently paid a visit to Bellew to speak with students on various topics.

As part of the community education program Police Smart, Pitch discussed internet safety with fifth-grade classes, providing detailed information on how to safely navigate the web, which websites to avoid and the dangers of misusing social media. She also reinforced the importance of never giving out personal information on the internet. While at Bellew, Pitch met with third graders to talk about bullying, personal safety and being a good citizen.

Pitch will return to Bellew later in January to discuss alcohol and tobacco use with the fifth graders.