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Staff Directory

Manetuck Elementary School

800 Van Buren Avenue, West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 504-5640  FAX (631) 893-3356
vanessa williams

Ms. Vanessa Williams, Principal

Principal's Secretaries: Ruth Mineo and Dorothy Rabin 
Nurse: Karen Arigoni (631) 504-5646
School Hours: 9:15 am - 3:30 pm
Pre-K ~ 5th Grade

Kindergarten Registration: Tuesday, November 5 and Thursday, November 7, 2019

PTA President: Camille Newsom

Current News

Manetuck Students Enjoy Donuts With Dad

Manetuck Students Enjoy Donuts With Dad thumbnail136094

Manetuck recently celebrated its second annual Donuts With Dad on Sept. 24 and 25, sponsored by the school’s PTA. On two consecutive mornings, students were invited to bring a special male adult for to enjoy donuts and fun.

Celebrating Summer Reading at Manetuck

Celebrating Summer Reading at Manetuck thumbnail135456

Manetuck students who participated in the West Islip Public Library’s Reading Program over the summer were recognized on Sept. 20 at the school’s Summer Readers’ Breakfast.

The Start of a Positive School Year in West Islip

The Start of a Positive School Year in West Islip thumbnail133561
The Start of a Positive School Year in West Islip 2 thumbnail133562
The Start of a Positive School Year in West Islip 3 thumbnail133563

West Islip’s students began a new school year on Sept. 4, walking in to the district’s seven buildings with anticipation.

“We are looking forward to a positive year filled with laughter, joy and tons of learning experiences for our elementary students,” said Bellew Principal Rhonda Pratt. “I offer a special welcome our pre-K students as they join our PJB family.”

“What an amazing first week of school at Beach Street,” said Principal Andrew O’Farrell. “Our students were definitely ready to start the year and set to go. It was terrific to see all of our sixth, seventh and eighth graders moving to their classes with such enthusiasm. The energy they brought to school was so uplifting.”

Manetuck Takes the Lead to Save Sea Turtle

Manetuck Takes the Lead to Save Sea Turtle thumbnail133486

Manetuck recently celebrated its 15th year working with the New York Marine Rescue Center, previously known as the Riverhead Foundation, to help raise funds to treat injured marine mammals. As a school community, Manetuck helped to save and rehabilitate 14 seals during that time. This year, Manetuck was given the opportunity to help a cold, stunned loggerhead sea turtle. On Aug. 12, students, family, Manetuck Principal Vanessa Williams and faculty members gathered at Tiana Beach in Hampton Bays to release the rehabilitated sea turtle back into the water.

Manetuck’s Community Service Club, run by Kerri Ierardi and Susan Marullo, brought awareness to students regarding local marine life. As a culminating activity, the two teachers set up a Seal of Fortune game board in the lobby and read questions daily during morning announcements based on facts posted throughout the building. As each grade level answered correctly, letters were revealed, to the students’ delight.

Manetuck also held its annual Walk for Marine Mammals, in which students volunteered their time to obtain sponsors and walked the bus circle before school. Led by top three fundraisers Cooper Terraciano, Lily Tuffariello and Joseph Vitello, the students helped to raise over $2,500 for the cause.