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Staff Directory

Oquenock Elementary School

425 Spruce Avenue, West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 504-5660  FAX (631) 893-3367

Elem Principal

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Mr. Jack Maniscalco, Principal

Principal's Secretaries:
Annmarie Schneider & Jody Callahan 

Nurse: Laurie Luquer (631) 504-5676

PTA President:  Kristin Miller


Current News

Celebrating West Islip’s Nearpod Super Star Teachers

Celebrating West Islip’s Nearpod Super Star Teachers  thumbnail188124
At the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Nearpod sent some swag for teachers to the district. The goodies were presented to the top Nearpod Super Star user in each building: Dawn Divisconti at the high school, Tara Probert at Beach Street, Kristen Finnegan at Udall, Joann Sheridan at Bayview, Sue Marullo at Manetuck, Gina Marie Hildebrandt at Oquenock and Melanie Solnick at Bellew.


Oquenock Fifth Graders Present JFK Research

Oquenock Ffth Graders Present JFK Research  thumbnail188125
Fifth grade investigators at Oquenock spent two weeks researching the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy. The students then created presentations explaining what they believe happened using details and information from their research.


Oquenock Fifth Graders Use Teamwork to Solve Math Escape Challenge

Oquenock fifth graders use teamwork to solve Math Escape Challenge thumbnail188020
Oquenock recently held a fifth-grade Math Escape Challenge, guided by math coach Nicole Cagno Angerame. Students engaged in solving math problems, brain teasers and riddles while learning the importance of teamwork and perseverance. The team of Sophia Anzalone, Jayla Nunez and Brooke Pritchard were named the winners of the Challenge, with Scarlett Gordon, Eve Gross, Skylee Kopp, Michael Tumminello and Haley White coming in second and third place.

Memorable Moving Ups at Elementary and Middle Schools

emorable Moving Ups at Elementary and Middle Schools thumbnail187978

Students at Beach Street, Udall, Bayview, Bellew, Manetuck and Oquenock celebrated with memorable moving ups in June.

Learning With Ladybugs at Oquenock

IMG_1018.jpg thumbnail187913

As the culmination of a three-week project, first graders in Joanna Grimm’s class at Oquenock released ladybugs. During the process, the students had made drawings, read books and kept a “Ladybug Journal” as they learned about and observed the life cycle of the colorful insects.