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Staff Directory

Oquenock Elementary School

425 Spruce Avenue, West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 504-5660  FAX (631) 893-3367

Elem Principal

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Mr. Jack Maniscalco, Principal

Principal's Secretaries: Annmarie Schneider & Jody Callahan 
Nurse: Laurie Luquer (631) 504-5676

PTA President: Jennifer Sinclair


Current News

Spreading Smiles for Oquenock’s Kindness Week

Spreading Smiles for Oquenock’s Kindness Week thumbnail180935
During Kindness Week, students at Oquenock decorated with smiley faces as a reminder to “be the reason someone smiles today.” The smiley faces were then put up as a display in the hallway as another reminder to continue spreading kindness, even when Kindness Week is over.

Students Enjoy Snowflake Session at Oquenock

Students enjoy snowflake session at Oquenock thumbnail180513
Oquenock third graders at learned about Vermont farmer Wilson Bentley, who photographed over 5,000 snowflakes, as well as how snowflakes form and their shapes, types and sizes. Using marshmallows and toothpicks, the students then formed models of their own unique snowflakes.

Measuring Meteors at Oquenock

Measuring meteors at Oquenock thumbnail180211
Young scientists at Oquenock recently explored how the impact of a meteor can change the surface of the moon. The students dropped large and small marbles from different heights and observed the varying effects, then measured the size of the craters.  

Oquenock Siblings Share Success in Recycling Poster Contest

Oquenock siblings share success in recycling poster contest thumbnail180024

For the third consecutive year, Oquenock fourth grader Luna Pankratz won first place in the K-3 age category in the 18th annual New York Recycles poster contest. Her brother, first grader Derek Pankratz, placed as the runner-up in the same age category.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the siblings were unable to attend the awards luncheon in Cooperstown this year. Instead, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation held a virtual conference, with the winning students speaking about their artwork and the importance of recycling and waste reduction. 

A Seasonal Science Project at Oquenock

A seasonal science project at Oquenock thumbnail179827
A seasonal science project at Oquenock thumbnail179828
First graders in Lisa Murphy’s class at Oquenock are engaged in a yearlong science project, measuring the shadow of the school’s flagpole in winter, spring, summer and fall. Students collected measurement data and compared the lengths to determine the differences for each season.