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SuperOffice of the Superintendent

Bernadette Burns, Superintendent of Schools
631-930-1560  /  FAX  631-893-3212

Patricia Denninger, Administrative Assistant

Dear Parents/Guardians:

I am delighted to welcome your child back to the 2020-2021 school year.  Despite the challenges that the upcoming year is sure to bring, I am confident that we will be able to ensure the high standard of performance and achievement our children deserve.  I hope your summer was relaxing and filled with good health and you took the time to enjoy the many small gifts that life presents, but may go unnoticed, each day. 

This year will be shaped by our efforts to ensure continuity of instruction for students within the constraints imposed by a COVID-19 world.  While maintaining the programs already in place to the extent practicable, we will focus on mental health and school safety.  Despite the difficulties we are sure to encounter, it still will be a year of great promise and successes.

Over the last few months, our district team has worked diligently to get ready for the opening of school and prepare the facilities and programs that will be utilized this school year.  Our methods of teaching have changed, and we will start the year using a hybrid model of instruction in all school buildings.  This means that students will attend in-person two or three times a week, depending on grade level.  Subject to the current data and metrics as it relates to COVID-19 throughout the year, we may need to adjust our instructional schedules at any point in time, so flexibility will be key.  If our schedules need to be revised, you will be notified.

All schools officially open to K-12 students on Tuesday, September 8.  The first day your child physically attends school – whether it is September 8, September 9 or September 10 – will be their first official day of school.  No remote learning sessions for students will take place before they physically report on their first assigned day to school.  The first day of school for pre-kindergarten students will be Monday, September 21.

Due to the complexities of scheduling for fully remote virtual instruction, students engaging in this model will begin instruction the week of Monday, September 14.  Elementary students will receive their schedules and “meet” their teacher(s) during the week of September 8.  At the secondary level (grades 7-12), there will likely be adjustments to courses and schedules.  Your child’s school will contact you and your student about these changes next week.  Mrs. Morrison will share more information under separate cover.

Extensive bond work continued this summer, and we have experienced some unfortunate interruptions to work due to COVID-related delivery delays and availability of contractor personnel – all circumstances beyond the control of the district.  Nevertheless, the security booth on Lions Path is almost ready for use, and most other projects have been completed.  I ask for your patience as our projects move to completion. 

I hope that each of you enjoys the remaining days of summer.  I look forward to a year filled with stories of great learning and abundant successes.  I am confident that we will meet everyone’s expectations! 

Warmest regards,

Bernadette M. Burns
Superintendent of Schools