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Manetuck Takes Top Award for PARP Program

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Manetuck Elementary School was selected as the winner of the New York State Parent Teacher Association’s Pick a Reading Partner award. Manetuck’s two-week long event – Wild About Reading – was chosen as the PARP outstanding program by the New York State PTA PARP Committee.

According to the committee, one of the most outstanding features of Manetuck’s PARP program was a creative theme that tied into each program activity. The selection committee noted how the program incorporated different parts of the school curriculum as students learned about the animals in need around the world. The Wild About Reading theme built excitement at a virtual kickoff with author Jerry Pallotta, involved all the grades, and included a writing component.

Weather Doesn’t Dampen First Day Spirits

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Despite the wet weather conditions, students throughout the West Islip School District were all smiles as they entered their respective buildings for the start of the 2021-2022 schools year on Sept. 1. This year, the pre-kindergarten students are be part of a full-day program and are looking forward to their first experiences in the district. Kindergarten and first graders were accompanied off their buses and met by staff and explored their new teachers and classrooms. Sixth and ninth grade students were also welcomed into their new buildings and had the chance to get acquainted with their teachers and classmates. As the day went on, students eased into their new schedules and routines and settled in for a productive year ahead.

Investigations Lead Students to Explore Under the Sea

Investigations Lead Students to Explore Under the Sea thumbnail188312

During the second week of the district’s summer investigations elementary program, students centered their learning around an “under the sea” theme.

During the library classes, students watched videos of ocean animals swimming in their water habitats. Students used Chromebooks to access the Pebble Go databases and read about two or three animals before choosing one to research. While the students researched, they enjoyed a video that featured many types of sea creatures swimming to peaceful music. Graphic organizers were used to help students organize their notes and record facts about their sea animal.

To tie the theme into their math and English language arts lessons, students fished for math facts and wrote math word problems. Several classes included ocean-related vocabulary words such as anchor, whales and clownfish in their word problems. Classroom read-alouds included “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister. Beach towels created flexible seating for partner work. Mrs. Russell, school social worker, pushed into classes and led “mindful minutes” which allowed students to practice readying their minds and bodies for learning.

During their time in the STEM lab, students discussed the terms sink, float and prediction. They were able to apply the key concepts of buoyancy and density by first making predictions on whether certain objects would sink or float. Students then tested their guesses to see if they were correct.

Students designed a boat using tin foil that was not only sea worthy, but also met an engineering challenge relating to the Archimedes principle. The students placed paper clips on their boats while keeping track of their count by using tally marks on their worksheet. They skip counted by five to see how many paper clips their boat could hold before sinking; 187 paper clips was the maximum a student’s boat held.


Saving a Seal Thanks to Students from Manetuck

 Saving a seal thanks to students from Manetuck38784 thumbnail188118
Manetuck celebrated its 16th annual Seal Release, sponsored by the school’s Community Service Club in collaboration with the New York Rescue Marine Center at Smith Point County Park. Students received sponsorships for participating in the Seal Release Walk-a-Thon, with all proceeds used for the rehabilitation of aquatic animals so they can be returned to their natural habitats. This year, Marullo, a seal named in honor of Vince Marullo, was returned to his ocean home.


Celebrating West Islip’s Nearpod Super Star Teachers

Celebrating West Islip’s Nearpod Super Star Teachers  thumbnail188124
At the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Nearpod sent some swag for teachers to the district. The goodies were presented to the top Nearpod Super Star user in each building: Dawn Divisconti at the high school, Tara Probert at Beach Street, Kristen Finnegan at Udall, Joann Sheridan at Bayview, Sue Marullo at Manetuck, Gina Marie Hildebrandt at Oquenock and Melanie Solnick at Bellew.