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Staff Directory

Whom do I call?



Bernadette Burns
Phone: (631) 930-1560
Fax: (631) 893-3212

Patricia Denninger, Administrative Assistant

Assistant Superintendent for Business

Elisa Pellati
Phone: (631) 930-1530
Fax: 893-3217

Mary Hock, Secretary

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Dawn Morrison
Phone: (631) 930-1559

Patricia Alcus, Secretary

Executive Director of Human Resources

Brian Taylor
Phone: (631) 930-1564

Maria Bacchi, Secretary
(Non-Instructional Staff, Nurses & Substitutes)

Patricia Liggan, Secretary
(Administrators, Instructional Staff and Teaching Assistants)

Director of Art and Music Education

Eric Albinder
Phone: (631) 504-5806

Debbie Massaro, Secretary

Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Health, and Recreation 

Timothy Horan
Phone: (631) 930-1540

Patricia Plompen, Secretary

Lorraine Kolar, Secretary

Director of Counseling

Lorrie Director
Phone: (631) 504-5882

Rosemary Reichert, Secretary

Director of Facilities

James Bosse
Phone: (631) 930-1500

Marianne Quattrocchi, Secretary

Luann Dunne, Secretary

Director of Food Services

Christine Kearney
Phone: (631) 930-1510

Jo-Ann Brodsky, Secretary
Carol Churpita, Secretary

Director of Intervention Services

Michelle Walsh
Phone: (631) 930-1586

Director of Instructional and Information Technology

Reanna Fulton

Assistant Director of Instructional and Information Technology

Lisa Disibio

Lisa Spradley, Secretary
Phone: (631) 504-5865

Director of Language Arts, Reading and Library Media Centers

Karen Appollo
Phone: (631) 504-5805

Donna Devlin, Secretary

Director of Mathematics, Business Education and Family Consumer Science 

James Grover
Phone: (631) 504-5808

Donna Devlin, Secretary 

Director of School Safety

Sean McAleavey

Phone: (631)504-5905

Director of Science and Engineering Technology

Debbie Langone

Donna Devlin, Secretary

Director of Social Studies / International Baccalaureate Coordinator

Jim Gilmartin
Phone: (631) 504-5852

Donna Devlin, Secretary

Director of Special Education

Jeanne Dowling
Phone: (631) 930-1550

Susan Pontillo, Secretary

Assistant Director of Special Education

Gail Daugherty 
Phone: (631) 930-1614

Lead Teacher of Engineering Technology

Brian Buonomo Phone: (631) 504-5877

Lead Teacher of World Languages

Elyse Patti-McDonald Phone: (631) 504-5898
Marianne Gariglio, Secretary

Public and Media Relations

Phone: (631) 930-1560 
Fax: 893-3246

District Clerk

Mary Hock
Phone: (631) 930-1531

Transportation Department

Phone: (631) 893-3300
Fax: 893-3383

Danielle Ortiz, Secretary

School Contact Information

West Islip High School
Phone: (631) 504-5800
Fax: 893-3270
Beach Street Middle School
Phone: (631) 930-1600
Fax: 893-3318

Udall Road Middle School
Phone: (631) 930-1650
Fax: 893-3301
Bayview Elementary School
Phone: (631) 504-5600
Fax: 893-3335

Manetuck Elementary School
Phone: (631) 504-5640
Fax: 893-3356
Oquenock Elementary School
Phone: (631) 504-5660
Fax: 893-3367

Paul J. Bellew Elementary School
Phone: (631) 504-5680
Fax: 893-3346