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Staff Directory

2018-2019 Board of Education Committees

Audit Committee Full Board
Buildings & Grounds Scott Brady, Paul Michaluk, Kevin O'Connor
Education Richard Antoniello, Annmarie LaRosa, Kevin O'Connor
Finance Scott Brady, Ronald Maginniss, Paul Michaluk
Legislative Action Richard Antoniello, Annmarie LaRosa, Ronald Maginniss
Policy Richard Antoniello, Scott Brady, Kevin O'Connor
Public Relations Annmarie LaRosa, Paul Michaluk, Kevin O'Connor
Safety and Security Committee Scott Brady, Paul Michaluk, Kevin O'Connor
Liaison to Council of PTA Steven Gellar, Annmarie LaRosa
Liaison to Health & Wellness Annmarie LaRosa
Liaison to Special Education Annmarie LaRosa, Ronald Maginniss
Liaison to Student/School Board Paul Michaluk, Kevin O'Connor
NYSSBA Convention Voting Delegate Annmarie LaRosa
NYSSBA Legislative Contacts Annmarie LaRosa
Islip School Board Association Annmarie LaRosa

Building Inspectors

Bayview Paul Michaluk
Kirdahy Steven Gellar
Manetuck Richard Antoniello
Oquenock Ronald Maginniss
Paul J. Bellew Scott Brady
Westbrook Steven Gellar
Beach Kevin O'Connor
Udall Annmarie LaRosa
West Islip High School Annmarie LaRosa