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Committees and Meeting Notices

**Meeting locations, dates and times are subject to change**


Board meetings, including public comment periods, are meetings of the board in public, not meetings of the public.  It is critical that boards be able to conduct their business without disruption.  A school board meeting is held in public so that those in attendance can observe the board discussing and transacting business.

While public comments are not required at a Board meeting, the district believes that public comments can be helpful to the Board, and therefore allows residents to speak on matters under consideration at designated times indicated on the agenda.  A public comment period is effective only if the comments are concise and delivered with respect and courtesy.  No speaker may comment on or identify any particular student or employee by name or situation.

The following rules will be followed:

All who wish to comment must fill out the appropriate comment card to speak at one of the designated times in the meeting.

  • Those who comment must do so from the podium only and must state their name.  The Board President will indicate when comments are permitted and will maintain order for each speaker.

  • Speakers will have three minutes to comment.  As the three minute mark approaches, speakers will be prompted to finish their thought.

  • All attendees will be respectful while a speaker is addressing the Board.  All comments are to be directed only to the Board.

  • The invitations to the public is designated for comment only.  Questions asked may be answered at the discretion of the Board at the close of the public comment period. 

Note that the public comment period will be held only if all in attendance observe COVID protocols that are in effect at the time of the Board meeting.  In the event a meeting is required to move to a virtual setting, public comments will be accepted at a designated link that will posted on the district website.

Thank you for your cooperation.