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District Goals and Objectives 2023-2024



The West Islip Community is committed to excellence in education through the establishment of anacademic, vocational and social environment in which all children can learn and succeed. Our students will be provided the opportunity to develop their self-esteem and a respect for others while acquiring the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become responsible citizens in a rapidly changing world. Our goal is to have students think in global terms and develop cultural sensitivity and an international orientation. We seek to instill in our students the ability to share their commonalities, celebrate their differences, and appreciate that learning is a lifelong process




  • Update policies and protocols as required by law and Commissioner's Regulations and NYSSBA recommendations
  • Provide first-year Board trustees with mentorship, including information and training related to the business, finance and advocacy functions of the school district
  • Create a fiscally responsible and efficient budget that maintains and enhances the integrity of all programs in a manner that is sensitive to the financial constraints of stakeholders
  • Respond to school safety and security-related matters as prescribed by federal, state and local requirements



  • Partner with community groups and stakeholders to support and enhance school programs
  • Utilize the district website, Facebook page and other social media to celebrate the accomplishments of students and staff
  • Continue to promote equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in the school environment by offering learning experiences and activities that embrace all students and foster respect and compassion for all
  • Host Parent Academy events to educate the community on programs and supports available throughout the district



  • Provide ongoing professional development in the area of (1) foundational literacy acquisition, with a focus on structured, explicit and multi-sensory methods; and (2) identification of students who may benefit from this approach
  • Review curriculum and programs (K-12) to ensure a rigorous academic environment focusedon developing the skills, knowledge, habits and attitudes that students need to be successful in their future
  • Embed strategies within our instructional program to help students develop proactive methods for supporting their own mental health and wellness
  • Expand standards-based grading practices at our elementary schools to best provide
    feedback about learning and academic progress
  • Continue to strengthen our Tier 1 instructional practices to help students achieve optimal learning outcomes
  • Explore alternatives to the traditional assessment model by incorporating performance based opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of their learning
  • Further develop our West Islip Profile of a Graduate by defining each of the attributes and the instructional implications at each grade level
  • Utilize data to guide instructional decisions and help all students reach their anticipated growth targets
  • Incorporate relevant and meaningful learning experiences at the local and global level through industry partnerships, skill based programs and experiential travel opportunities




  • Evaluate district needs and identify priority items to fund through the capital reserves
  • Continue to focus on school safety measures that meet all recommended security standards



  • Implement the district's technology plan to ensure a strategic vision, goals and actions that support student achievement and engagement through the seamless integration of technology into teaching and learning
  • Provide access to relevant and rigorous professional development to ensure educators and leaders are proficient in the integration of learning technologies
  • Provide learning opportunities for parents in the use of district technology and applications