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5 Risky Games Kids Play
Student Safety
 Five risky games teens play
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Five risky games teens play
  The Council of PTAs is a strong advocate of student safety and throughout the year sponsors community presentations. A very informative presentation was that of  Vic Pirtle on "Youth Trends". One of the many things that were discussed was "The Choking Game". "The Choking Game" has also been called space monkey, fainting, pass-out game, black-out game, American dream, flatliner, space cowboy, knock out, gasp, rising sun or airplaining.

Those playing the choking game attempt to achieve a brief high by stopping the flow of oxygen-containing blood to the brain. Children or young adults sometimes choke each other until the person being choked passes out.

According to one website, more than 50 children nationally, have lost their lives to the choking game in one year alone.  Symptoms of this dangerous activity. Watch for the following:

Unexplained marks or bruises on the throat

Frequent or severe headaches

Unexplained cuts or bruises caused by falling

Belts, leashes, ropes or shoelaces tied in strange knots or found in unusual locations

Disorientation after spending time alone

Locked bedroom doors.

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Beware the Choking Game