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Udall Sixth Graders Take Virtual Space Tour

Udall sixth graders take virtual space tour thumbnail178635
Udall sixth graders take virtual space tour thumbnail178636

Udall students in Janet Renganeschi’s science class recently participated in a virtual reality lesson on the atmosphere using Google Expeditions, an immersive education app that allows teachers and students to explore the world through over 1,000 virtual reality tours. Renganeschi and library media specialist Denise Lamattina brought the sixth graders into outer space on board a weather balloon so that the students could identify the layers of the atmosphere and determine how temperature affects what occurs in each.

“By helping students visualize information in a new way, you can positively impact their ability to retain information,” said Renganeschi.  

New Musicians Start Journey at Oquenock

New Musicians Start Journey at Oquenock thumbnail178634

Oquenock recently welcomed the newest members of the school’s orchestra program. The room was filled with excitement as the fourth graders opened up their instrument cases and started playing their instruments for the first time. 

“The first lesson for the fourth grade is always a magical one, since it is the start of their musical journey,” said music teacher Lynnette Fawess. “I’m looking forward to all that they will continue to achieve in the weeks, months and years to come.”


Seeking Cell Size in AP Bio Class

Seeking cell size in West Islip’s AP Bio class thumbnail178596
High school students in Christine Mulroy’s AP Biology class recently worked to predict the effect that cell size will have on amount and rate of diffusion. Phenolphthalein was used as an indicator, turning white as vinegar diffuses into agar cubes.



“Friendsgiving Day” at Manetuck

“Friendsgiving Day” at Manetuck thumbnail178595

Kindergartners in Christine Chocko’s class at Manetuck recently celebrated “Friendsgiving Day” by making handprinted turkey poems,  placemats, headbands and healthy snacks. Each student also received a letter from another classmate explaining why they were thankful for them.

“It was a day filled with tons of smiles,” Chocko said.


Demonstrating Kindness at Udall

Demonstrating Kindness at Udall thumbnail178540
Students in Tricia Mileti’s health class at Udall recently celebrated Kindness Day by writing kind statements and quotes on sticky notes.