WIHS Final Examinations - 2016-2017 School Year
Local and State Exam Schedule pdf
  Dear Parent/Guardians:

Please review this year’s final exam schedule on the back of this page. Attached is a copy of the bus transportation schedule; this information can also be found on our school website. During the last week of regular classes, students will be informed of their specific exam locations by their subject teachers, and they will be posted outside all offices during testing. Exams will run from Tuesday, June 13 through Thursday, June 22.

In-class final exams for those courses not listed on the final examination schedule will be held during regular class time, during the week of June 6th. The state mandated Lab Practical portion of the Earth Science Regents will be taken by students during their regular class time between May 29 and June 2. No student may sit for the Earth Science Regents without taking this part of the test, so please note this important information if your child is taking this course.

Friday, June 9 is the last day of classes for BOCES, and Monday, June 12 is the last day for WIHS classes, after which we move to a full testing schedule. Beginning on June 13, students only come to school when they have exams or are meeting with teachers for extra help. Students may not be in the halls while exams are in progress. Any student arriving for an extra help session must enter through the front doors and will be directed to extra help classrooms.

Please be advised should your son/daughter miss a “local” final exam, a make-up exam can only be given if your child is ill (and a doctor’s note is received) or at a court appearance (and documentation regarding this is provided to attendance). Should a student be absent from a New York State Regents or RCT, there are no make-up exams until August 2017 or January 2018.

The school library will remain open until Monday, June 12. All library materials must be returned by Friday, June 3. For any library materials or books issued by teachers that are not returned by June 2, an obligation will be entered for the student and will have to be settled before grade reports can be issued, or seniors can graduate.

Locker clean outs will be Tuesday, June 6 for seniors; Wednesday, June 7 for juniors; Thursday, June 8 for sophomores; and Friday, June 9 for freshmen.

Seniors will have to turn in their padlocks outside of cafeteria C during lunch periods on Tuesday, June 6, or in room 230 after that. Underclassmen will keep their locks over the summer and bring them back to school in September. Any student who has lost a lock is responsible for the replacement cost ($5.00).
Should you have any questions about Regents or final exams, please call me at (631) 504-5852.


Jim Gilmartin
Director of Social Studies
IB Coordinator/ AP Coordinator
Testing Coordinator