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Staff members are requested to check their email on a regular basis. Staff members may choose to respond to emails by email, telephone, note or other appropriate method. Please place the student's name in the "Subject" line.

Dr. Daniel Marquardt, Principal
Dr. Michael Giacchetto, Asst. Principal
Suzanne O'Connor, School Nurse
Lois VanMeurs,
Secretary to Principal
Maureen Miraval,
Counseling Secretary
Fran Ahearn
Staci Ansbach
Anne Bean
Michelle Bugliari
Brian Cameron
Tanya Carbone
Kelly Cassese
Pamela Cirasole
Jennifer Colonna
Tom Cross
Kimberly Crouch
Pamela Diorio
Catherine Dolan-Stefanak
Deborah Farnworth
Lynnette Fawess
Lynette Gottesman
Michael Gural 
Patricia Haff
Kristine Hagens
Michele Holt
Elena Iacobellis
Cindy Innamorato
Jaclyn Jacobs  
Monica Krawczyk
Thomas Longobardi
Salvatore LoSardo
Thomas Loudon
Brenda Mayo
Michelle Megara
Jeanette Merola
Tricia Mileti
Melissa Morales
Dawn Morgan
Robin Napolitano
Kathy Nicodemo
Kelly Olsen-Leon
JoAnne Orehosky 
LuAnn Peskanov
Deborah Pulitano
Kristina Rocco
John Ruggiero
Linda Ruggiero
Kathleen Ryan
Jessica Schwartz
Lawrence Sciarrino
Teresa Stecker
Kimberly Sviba-DeDora
Michael Taranto
Jayne Traver
Alyssa Urbach
Melanie Vecchione
Janet Wolfe
Greg Ziems