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Staff members are requested to check their email on a regular basis. Staff members may choose to respond to emails by email, telephone, note or other appropriate method. Please place the student's name in the "Subject" line.

Jack Maniscalco, Principal
Annmarie Schneider, Secretary
Ruth Mineo, Secretary
Laurie Luquer, School Nurse
Stephanie Azzariti
Tim Bauernfeind 
Mary Berger
Erin Bies
Michelle Bonkov
Lisa Brush
Michelle Bugliari
Nicole Cagno-Angerame
Susan Cosentino
Vanessa Daige
Tammy Dragelin
Katrina Faraci
Kristine Greene
Joanna Grimm
Pamela Hergerton
Gina Marie Hildebrandt
Laura Hill-Primiano
Donna Horner
Diane Horton-McGinley
Janis Howard
Elizabeth Hudson
Cindy Innamorato C.Innamorato@wi.k12.ny,us
Karen Isaksen-Taylor
Jennifer Kouroutis
Christina Kruer
Brett Liquori
Michelle Loehr-Quigley
Vincent Melia
Melinda Monahan
Kristina Moon
Lisa Murphy
Charles (Kevin) Osburn
Kelly Parson
Tom Powers
Richard Santeramo
Frank Sblendorio
Judith Schwartz
Dina Stramara
Debbie Throo
Kristin Timpson
Brandy Ugenti
Donna Villez
Christine Wittneben
Avery Yurman