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Staff members are requested to check their email on a regular basis. Staff members may choose to respond to emails by email, telephone, note or other appropriate method. Please place the student's name in the "Subject" line.

Dr. Anthony Bridgeman, Principal  
Victoria Passarelli,
Principal's Secretary  
Craig Gielarowski
Assistant Principal  
Lynn Summers
Assistant Principal  
Mr. Louis Stellato,
Interim Assistant Principal  
Anna Harris, School Nurse  
Sharon Kerrigan, School Nurse  

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Dennis Adams  
Andromache Agramonte  
Dina Altschuler  
Joseph Amorin  
Tara Annunziata  
Dina Barone  
Ann Barry  
Christina Bivona     
Paul Bodnar  
George Botsch  
Nancy Budka  
Brian Buonomo  
Tamra Burns (TOP)
Pam Carleo  
Kristen Caulfield  
Aron Chizik  
James Ciaravino  
Nicole Cifelli  
Tracy Clark  
James Como  
Linda Condreras  
Nicole Cordani  
Beth Crimi  
Maria Cristantello  
Melissa Curley  
Robin Cutler  
Danielle Davis  
Philip Depompeo (TOP)
Dawn DiVisconti  
Joseph Dixon  
Kristin Doerr  
Giavanna Donarumia  
James Dooley  
Ann Marie Dunn  
Amanda Eichen  
Monica Elgut  
Heather Enright  
Michelle Falco (TOP)
James Farnworth  
Alissa Ferrucci  
Kristie Ferruzzi  
Ryan Foley  
Frank Franzone  
David Gershfeld  
Linda Gifford  
James Gilmartin  
James Grover  
Brian Haldenwang  
Evelyn Hanlon  
Josephine Hassett  
Michael Hazelton  
Nancy Hedemark  
Jennifer Hirdt  
John Hulsmann (TOP)
Eugenia Infantino  
Richard Ippoliti  
Edward Jablonski  
Georgiana Jaycox-Killoran  
Ryan Jensen  
Maria Kaminsky  
Philip Kane  
David Kaufman  
Edward Kozloski  
James Krais  
Monica Krawczyk  
Mary Kroll  
Barbara Krollage  
Michael LaCova  
Nicholas LaGiglia  
Wendy Loddigs (TOP)
Elaine Longo  
Joanne Macrelli  
Christine Maniscalco  
Linda Marino  
Noreen Matthews  
Robert Matuozzi  
Shanan Mauro 
Edward McNamara  
Erin Meade  
Steven Mileti  
Tricia Mileti  
David Moglia  
Dennis Montalto  
Melissa Morana
Patricia Morgigno  
Virginia Mullins  
Christine Mulroy  
Melissa Muma  
Diane Munno  
Kevin Murphy  
Jane Murray  
Annette Musteric  
Victoria Newell  
Kristen Newman  
Joseph Nicolosi  
Paola Nilsen  
Alexandra Nohowec  
Erika Nolan  
Jeffrey O'Hare  
Elyse Patti  
Michael Perna  
Nicole Perperis  
Kimberly Peters  
Jessica Picone   
Dennis Pope  
Thomas Powers
Eric Rao  
Frank Rapczyk  
Colleen Reilly  
Kristina Rocco  
Shawn Rush  
Caroline Ryan  
Kristine Ryan  
Diana Saadat (TOP)
Tina Schaefer  
Kathleen Scrivani  
Virginia Scudder  
Melissa Senatore  
Kelly Sepe  
Alicia Sepulveda  
Rebecca Silva R.Silva@wi,  
Nancy Silvestrini   
Maria Simeone  
James Stidd  
Karyn Storan  
Michelle Studley  
Ashley Szoyka  
Karen Testa  
Linda Tong  
Patrick Tunstead  
Timothy Van Wyen
Paul Vecchione  
Thomas Vitti  
Ryan Vollmuth  
Erin Wallace  
Shawn Wallace  
Jennifer Wasserman  
Marc Wasserman  
Ronald Weber  
Robert Weiss  
Kelly Weisenseel  
Kerrin West-Shank
William Willis  
Sarah Willmann  
Elizabeth Winter  
Mary Claire Yoder  
Nancy Yost  
Anthony Yuli  
Paulina Zarokostas