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Staff members are requested to check their email on a regular basis. Staff members may choose to respond to emails by email, telephone, note or other appropriate method. Please place the student's name in the "Subject" line.

Rhonda Pratt, Principal
Debra Federico
Michelle Grover, Secretary
Chris Kerrigan, School Nurse
Danielle Blaise
Donna Bracht
Linda Canonico
Nikki Caputi
Christine Caracciola
Deborah Chizik
Fran Coiro
Kay Cragg
Anne Davis
Amy DeJoseph
Melissa Dolan M.Dolan@wi.k12.ny,us
Celia Field
Kristen Finnegan 
Amanda Harvey
Amy Harvey
Laura Hill-Primiano
Jeremy Johnson
Victoria Kavitt
Christina Labbate
Vincent Luvera
Rita Manetta
Karen McCarthy
James McManus
Vincent Melia
Theresa Mercado
Karen Nordland
Shane O'Neill
Paul Pekurney
Nancy Piccirilli
Jennifer Pitt
Thomas Powers
Janet Renganeschi
Richard Santeramo
Linda Schmid
Jessica Shaw
Deana Smith
Darlene Squillante
Louise Stephenson
Mary Stewart
Ariana Stubmann
Rachel Tirelli
Soley Vita
Carrie Wagner
Tonimarie Young 
Carrie Yuli