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Staff members are requested to check their email on a regular basis. Staff members may choose to respond to emails by email, telephone, note or other appropriate method. Please place the student's name in the "Subject" line.

John Mullins, Principal   
Debra Federico, Secretary 
Janet LoBiondo, Secretary
Maria McAllister, School Nurse
George Botsch 
Susan Burkart
Ashley Caldone
Denise Campasano
Patricia Chieffo
Pamela Cooke
Kerri DeBetta
Justin DeMaio
Joan DeRosa
Christine Fiore 
Kristen Florea
Wendy Fogarty
Jaymee Gagliardi
Nicholas Grieco
Deanna Johnson
Victoria Kavitt
Kimberly Kennedy
Scott Key
Vanessa Lillis
Maria Lucie
Lynette Lutz
Debra Magee
Thomas McGunnigle
Kevin McLoughlin
Edward McManus
Theresa Mercado
Shannon Murray
Amy Novak
Susan Pitagno
Dawn Pizzuto
Sharon Quinlan
Bridget Reilly
Patricia Rosenthal
Alissa Rush
Carrie Russo
Beth Schmitz
Suzanne Sciarrino
JoAnn Sheridan
Sheila Siragusa
Jessi Smith   
Kimberly Spinella
Ann Staak
Louise Stephenson
Brandy Ugenti