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Dear Neighbor,

Like many communities on Long Island, the West Islip School District has aging buildings that need repairs and technology that is out of date. We also have open campuses that were built in a time that was not challenged by the safety and security risks we face today. Decreased state aid along with the tax levy cap have forced the Board of Education and district administration to choose between protecting program and making annual capital improvements. While District staff has worked efficiently and vigorously to maintain our facilities, the time has come to take more cost-effective and long-term measures by making major renovations and providing replacements instead of trying to handle situations on a piecemeal basis as they occur.

In addition to conditions of which the Board is aware, many of you have shared your opinions on the state of our facilities and upgrades you believe are necessary as we move forward. After considering various possibilities, we have concluded that the best option is a capital improvement bond which will allow us to take advantage of the building aid that the state will reimburse us. The District is proposing a bond of just less than 50 million dollars, but after the District receives building aid, the work will actually cost the taxpayers of West Islip less than 15 million dollars.

As you will see from the overview on the website, we have been listening to your suggestions. From security upgrades to building repairs to technology improvements, we have heard you and tried to incorporate the things that matter to you. While we were listening to you, we were also asking the full administration for a comprehensive list of the needs within their areas of responsibilities, and they, in turn, sought input from their staffs.

As you can imagine, the feedback from administration and community members yielded a tremendous number of projects which needed to be prioritized. To evaluate the items, the Board of Education trustees did site inspections of every one of the district’s buildings and reviewed every one of the hundreds of requests. We then turned to Burton, Behrendt and Smith (BBS), the District’s architect, for their professional assessment of the condition of the buildings and the needs of the district.

With all of that information and professional advice, the Board has generated a list of projects that we believe are extremely important to the future success of the students of the West Islip School District and the West Islip community. The bond vote will be held on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 in West Islip High School. All registered voters are eligible to participate in this referendum.

We welcome you to attend one of the many public information sessions we will hold between now and the day of the vote. In addition to presenting an overview of the work to be done, a primer on how a bond works, and the financial details of this bond, we will answer your questions and listen to your suggestions.

We look forward to seeing you at the information sessions and appreciate your continued support of education in West Islip.


West Islip Board of Education

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